Course Overview

Dale Comstock “Badass” 2-Day Pistol & Carbine Course

January 30-31, 2016 – Daleville, Alabama

Cost $375 (Lunch & Water Provided)

When training with an instructor, you cannot get any better than training with a Delta Operator. LTS Tactical Inc. proud to partner with a true "American Badass" Dale Comstock. Training will be conducted in both classroom and on the range at the beautiful Tri-State Gun Club in Daleville, Alabama. Students will focus on the advanced refinement of fundamental marksmanship, tactical applications & techniques, ballistics, and survivability. Focusing on each weapon system individually and then as a complete weapon system package. This course will be the building block of more focused skill set courses to be held in the near future.

The Instructor

Dale’s experience makes him one of the top security experts in the world. He is a former U.S. Army Delta Force Operator, Green Beret –Light-Heavy weapons and explosives expert, and U.S. Government Paramilitary Operative. He has a Masters of Arts degree in Business and Organizational Security Management with a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine. He taught the intelligence management and executive protection curriculum for Henley-Putnam University in San Jose California for seven years where he was the primary teacher for Psychology of Violence, Area Studies-Analysis, Technical Surveillance, and Special Weapons. Dale has successfully started up and sold two security companies since 2001 that specialized in high-risk facility security such as nuclear power plants and petrochemical plants. Moreover he has extensive experience managing International Maritime Operations (IMO) and international Executive Protection (EP) programs..

• U.S. Army Delta Force Operator; Green Beret; USG Paramilitary Contractor

• Security Consultant/Advisor

• CEO Risk Control Institute, Inc.; Comstock Enterprises, Inc.; Global Security Consultants, Inc.

• COO Direct Action Resource Center, LLC – Little Rock Arkansas: Provided oversight of training and operations

• Vice President – Intrepid Global Security, LLC: Critical Infrastructure Protection Division

• Instructor – Strategic and Tactical Security Operations; Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

• Developed maritime security operations for Shell Oil Company

• Developed Security strategies for over 42 U.S. nuclear and petrochemical facilities

• Conducted Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (TVA) for various high-risk government and private sector facilities

• Provided all levels of training for dignitary protection to Tier-One Operators conducting protection details in the most non-permissive countries in the world

Course Outline

The 2-day course provides the following training and instruction:

- Lecture on proper weapon handling and safety

- Refresh and Advancement of the fundamentals

- Conduct a diagnostic course of fire

- Conduct a discussion on the importance of performing a focal shift during training and avoiding drills that do not promote the thought process

- Other topics covered and practiced are; exercises with both primary and secondary weapon systems, target discrimination, use of barricades, shooting positions, movement, close quarter battle techniques, immediate action drills, ballistics 101, transitions, magazine changes & stress shooting

- Training intensity will vary depending on number of students and their skill level, though the core of the course will always remain the same

Requirements for both days:

- Suitable range wear depending on the season (we will shoot rain or shine)

- Weapon Cleaning & lubrication Supplies

- Good attitude

Total Ammo Requirements:

- 300-500 rounds of handgun

- 300-500 rounds of Rifle

Food & Water

- Lunch will be provided

- Bottled water will be provided

Day 1 - Pistol Requirements

Day 1 Weapon & Gear Requirements:

- Serviceable Pistol

- Serviceable holster

- 3 or more magazines

- 2 pistol mag pouches

- 250-450 rounds of ammo

- Gloves (optional)

- Eye Protection

- Hearing Protection (electronics preferred)

Day 2 - Carbine Requirements

Day 2 Weapon and Gear Requirements:

- Pre-Zeroed Modern Sporting Rifle (AR/AK/Mini14/M14)

- 300-500 rounds of Rifle ammunition

- Rifle sling

- Serviceable Pistol & Holster (for transition drills)

- 50-200 rounds of Pistol ammunition

- 3 Pistol / 3 Rifle magazines or more

- 2 mag pouches for Pistol & Rifle

- Gloves (optional)

- Hearing Protection (electronic preferred)

- Eye Protection

- Chest rig/ Plate Carrier (optional)