MIL/LE Training

With department budgets getting smaller many are forced to cut back on needed training.  LTS seeks to offer training solutions to these departments in or near the Florida Panhandle area. 

We offer instructed courses as well as facility access that will aid in the preparation of skill development for MIL/LE.  Our focus of combat mind-set and CQC tactics can benefit everyone from patrol officer to special operations soldiers. 

We understand that many units have their own qualified instructors.  For those units we offer a facility which can be rearranged in a matter of minutes and a staff that can fill in as opposition to simulate various situations.  With this facility, skill-set training can be amplified by presenting a repetitious scenario, that while different, is encounter without reset.  Thus speeding up the training transfer to muscle memory at a speed that can never be matched by make-shift training environments.

Firearm Training

LTS promotes the 3C style of tactical training; Competence, Confidence, Control. It begins with competence in all aspects of your firearm manipulation, employment, and follow through.  The only way to gain this is through regular training both mentally and physically.  When we train, we train with the best and most badass instructors the world over.  Like and check our Facebook page for up coming class dates. 

Home/Personal Defense

There is a standard misconception that by merely purchasing a firearm that one is more capable to defend themselves and family.  However, without proper training, this can be quite the opposite.  LTS offers 3C training courses, in many different levels, that focus on Competence, Confidence, and Control of Home/Personal defense.  In a stressful confrontation you will revert to what your body/mind knows and act accordingly.  Through our training you will gain the competence to properly handle your weapon around your family in tactical environment. The Confidence to employ your weapon in any situation that evil may present itself.  And the ability to control a highly stressful confrontation to a safe and legal conclusion.