Course Overview

CCW Expansion 1 Course

Date: Febuary 25, 2016 6:30pm-8:30pm at LTS-Tactical

Cost $25.00

A hands on experience based training course.  The goal being to highlight deficiencies in both preparation and training of CCW license holder individually.  This course will benefit both novice and veteran shooters.  A quick review of Home/Auto/Personal defense directly related to the equipment and tactics used by each individual to ensure the safety of one's family and self.  This is not meant as an end all training course, It is designed to point each participant in the correct next step of their endless training responsibility of an armed citizen. 

The Instructor

This course will not have a definitive instructor, but will be a shared teaching from LTS staff.  The real instructor can be found when looking into a mirror.  This class is about providing environment's that most will encounter when evil knocks at your door.  We will provide you with many options to demo in order to handle each challenge.  This will allow you to have insight into the gear you wish to outfit yourself.  Most of this course will be handled in low light situations with an emphasis on close quarters combat.  You will not be reading about things that go bump in the night or products that are designed to handle these unique challenges. You will employing a weapon system and accessories under those conditions.  This will allow you to understand where your deficiencies in training and equipment may lie and how to fix them.  At the end of the course you should have plenty to chew on and the confidence to work on the areas that concern you most.

Course Outline

The 2-hour course provides the following training and instruction:

- Firearm safety rules and protocols

- Weapon retention systems pros and cons

- First line of defense

- Home defense consideration, equipment, and tactics

- Home defense demo 1 & 2

- Automobile defense considerations, equipment, and tactics

- Auto defense demo

- Personal defense considerations, equipment and tactics- Personal defense demo

Requirements for both course:

- Everyday attire that is used when carrying concealed (Indoor climate controlled facility)

- Good attitude

We will provide training weapons and equipment:

- Bottled water will be provided